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Until recently, dating in Jeddah seemed to be a taboo. Many couples made a lot of effort to find a safe place to date without being judged by society or even got punished by relatives. Thus, dating was out of the question for quite a long time in the conservative Gulf Kingdom. The social norms have not accepted the dating culture as far as the relatives could choose a future spouse.

Strict traditions are in the way to great changes in Jeddah. More and more men and women appear in public places together for dating - it is a sign of slow social change in Saudi Arabia. The meeting with new people is becoming more popular that makes dating in Jeddah easier than it was ever before.

One more interesting thing is that women are becoming more proactive in dating culture - it makes young girls more active on the dating scene. It is becoming normal if a woman encourages man for a date in Jeddah. Besides, the youth prefers using different dating services like Tinder to find a crush. Young people prefer to use social media, including Twitter or Instagram, to search for a perfect match. So, dating for marriage is on the way from the strict "no-no" thing to the social norm. Therefore, Jeddah is one of the places in Saudi Arabia that makes the dating culture possible.

Best Places to Meet Girls in Jeddah

There are several places known as dating sites in Jeddah. If you are interested in meeting a girl in Jeddah, you should visit crowded malls and fancy restaurants. Men often go to such places as Red Sea Mall, Serafi Megamall, Al-Andalus Mall, Al-Shalal & Attiah Theme Park. One more tip is to visit famous Western restaurants like Applebee's and Chilli's. Frequent visits to such sites boost the chance to meet a lovely girl in Jeddah.

Although dating is almost acceptable in Saudi Arabia, it is still quite complicated compared to any other place in the world. Dating in Jeddah means to follow several "rules." Speaking about the meeting, it is possible to visit crowded sites. But in the case of dating, there should be an opposite approach. It is better to choose quiet spots, such as Al Multaqa, Le Traiteur, or Zodiac Cuisine, to have a date with a girl. Even though the traditional views on dating culture are changing, it is better to avoid public places for dating needs. It was a taboo for a woman to be seen with a man who was not her relative for quite a long time. As far as social norms still matter, it is better to be careful not to get screwed.

Finally, choosing a restaurant or cafe, which refers to Western culture, can help you to avoid unpleasant situations. There are still some restaurants that have separate "males" and "females" sections. That is why checking the restaurant beforehand can increase the chances for a successful date. Dating in Jeddah won't be problematic if to follow these tips.